Для Автоледи
Information for an auto lady

The relationship between your car and your fur coat is not comfortable. They are approximately the same as those of the two wives of the Turkish Sultan. Both of them are the decoration of the harem, but as soon as the case falls out, the “elder” will undoubtedly try to make the “youngest” nasty to spoil her fluffy beauty.

Therefore, you need to show all the delicacy and resourcefulness so as not to get bogged down in the conflicts of this “love triangle”. It is worth paying attention to a few “slippery” moments, and your joint existence will be full of peace, comfort, and warmth. If you are an “active user” and spend a lot of time behind the wheel, you should not choose soft, wear-resistant furs such as chinchilla or broadtail. Such products literally after one season will creep near the seams. The thin flesh will not withstand the load. While driving, are also contraindicated: long-haired furs (fox, raccoon, etc.) and furs with a high hard guard hair (natural beaver, nutria, muskrat, long-haired mink). A long awn does not tolerate kinks and breaks, and in places of increased load (we hope it is not necessary to specify which ones), whole “hemp glades” are formed. Therefore, the optimal choice is the furs with high wear resistance (low-pile mink, seal), and under “severe operating conditions” only furs with a removed or shortened awn, i.e. cropped or plucked. If you like the sensual luxury of fox, lynx, and other long-haired furs, it is better to limit yourself to trimmings: collars, cuffs, and edges.

The seat belt does not pose a great danger to the fur. When buckling up, make sure that the fur is positioned evenly and to one side, and then fluff the hairs crumpled by the belt with your hand, and “you are gorgeous.” When sitting, be sure to unfasten the lower clips (at least to the waist), buttons, and zippers, especially in wet weather. Otherwise, you will play the role of mold, and the fur coat will be ugly stretched out from behind. While sitting behind the wheel, make sure that the fur does not collect lumps under you. Spread the fur coat, smoothing it with your hands along with the pile, and only then sit down.

It is perfect when the seats are smooth, ideally leather. It is much worse if the material of the covers is rough, rough, or sparse. The pile gets stuck in the gaps between the fibers and breaks off at the slightest lateral load. If this is the case, consider a protective pad made of smooth fabric. Do not keep the seat heating function on at all times. Natural fur has a “leather sealer temperature”. At this temperature, the skin “shrinks”, stiffens and becomes fragile, and this process is irreversible. For the same reason, do not dry wet fur with a hairdryer or near a battery.

Antifreeze, gasoline, car oil, antifreeze - all these bad-smelling and difficult-to-remove liquids are a possible danger to fur. Therefore, you should not strive to get under the hood; it is better to trust specially trained people who are ready to pour all this wherever needed for a reasonable reward. The same applies to replace punctured wheels. The habit of snacking on the road is a potential problem for both of your favorites. Remember: the bill for dry cleaning of the salon and fur coat, if something happens, would allow you to sit no longer in McDonald’s, but, at least, in an expensive restaurant, and with a good wine list. But even such seemingly “innocent” liquids as water can become a source of great trouble. If the skin gets wet, it becomes tough after drying (at best), and at worst - “shrinks”. And stains from the water on a natural lining are difficult to remove even with dry cleaning.

If the trouble has already occurred, and “something” is slowly flowing down your fur coat, frightening sight and smell, do not panic and try to wash the poor thing in tears and other improvised liquids. Specialists from dry fur cleaning will help solve the problem with almost any kind of dirt. It is necessary to treat with particular care the issue of choosing the driest cleaning. Remember, illiterate help is not useless but deadly for your favorite. The convenience of the location of the collection point should not mislead you, because you need the help of highly qualified professionals and the availability of special equipment for cleaning the fur and leather, for example, an ironing machine for fur. A dry cleaning enterprise, positioned as a “specialized fur”, must provide three services: proper cleaning, repair of fur products, and storage. You have to remember that your fur coat has a limited number of “lives” in stock - opportunities to clean it (from 4 to 6), so try to wear it more carefully so that you can go to the dry cleaner as seldom as possible. And there is a great way to prevent contamination: once a week, gently, trying not to scratch the leather fabric, brush the fur coat with a soft peg brush for cats, which you can purchase at any pet store.

Repair and clean the fur coat in the spring, before storing. In this case, dry cleaning “kills two birds with one stone”: it removes dirt and carries out prophylaxis against moths and skin beetles (in the spring-summer period, the larvae of these pests are activated). It would be best if you should not carry out “resuscitation at home” using “magic” mixtures of vinegar and starch, gasoline and semolina, and other “fruits of folk art” of the era of semi-handicraft. After all, your task is to make the fur coat clean, and not to provide the moth with a high-calorie, carbohydrate-rich menu. The main factor in fur aging is warmth. Fur storage - refrigerators - a new, but already widespread service. But, if in the summer it is not very hot in the apartment, and in the closet, it is not too cramped, the fur coat will feel good at home if it hangs on a wide hanger in fabric (not plastic!) cover with a moth repellent.

The phones of “rescue services” - dry cleaning, storage, and repair are best recognized when buying a fur coat. Their availability with the seller will be a weighty argument that you have chosen the “right place” to purchase and can count on professional assistance in case of any problems.

Our advice is not dogma, but a guide to action for those who do not belong to the reckless cohort who regards a stain on a fur coat as a reason to change it. If you show at least a tenth of the attention that your car gets to a fur coat, it will become a reliable and devoted friend, keeping your warmth and beauty.