Как ухаживать за шубой
A fur coat is a very fragile wardrobe item. For your fur coat to remain beautiful for many years, you need to treat it with care. Even though a fur product can and, if necessary, must be dry-cleaned, it is needed to take care of it at home.

1. Protect your fur coat from moisture.

How to dry a fur coat if it does get wet?

To restore a fur product after wet snow or rain is necessary only at room temperature, always on a hanger. Remember: you must not dry the fur coat near heating appliances. Do not use a hairdryer to speed up the process. Do not hang a wet coat in the closet.

After drying, the fur coat must be combed first along with the pile, and then "against the grain". To do this, use a special metal comb.

You should follow these tips every time your fur coat gets wet. Without careful drying, the fur can wrinkle, become rough to the touch, and begin to fall out. And even dry cleaning cannot restore it to its previous state.

2. Avoid heavy shoulder bags. Thus, you will protect the fur coat from the loss of pile and bald spots on the shoulders and hips.

3. Perfume is harmful to fur and lining, so use it before wearing a fur coat.

4. Do not leave the fur coat in bright daylight. Light-colored fur coats turn yellow under the bright sun, and dark coats become reddish. To protect your fur coat from yellowness, store it in a dark closet or put it in unique fabric covers, especially during the "summer vacation".

5. Hang the fur coat only on wide hangers of a suitable size. Otherwise, the product will begin to wrinkle and deform.

8. When you put your fur coat away for the summer, pack it in a special case for storing fur coats. Avoid plastic bags - they are breathable.

9. To check the condition of the fur coat, blow on the fur - the hairs should form a kind of "funnel". If the funnel does not disappear after shaking, your coat needs dry cleaning!

With this care, the fur coat will delight you for the maximum number of seasons.