Уход за домашней обувью

If your home slippers are made of suede, then, unfortunately, it will not work to wash them in a typewriter, since suede will lose its appearance. To care for shoes made of this material, special tools are usually used – a brush and a stain remover. To treat the slippers inside, you can use wet wipes.
  • If there is moisture on the slippers or traces of recently spilled liquid, then you need to carefully remove it with a towel.
  • To remove stains, use a suede brush. If there is none at hand, then it can be replaced with soft sandpaper or an eraser.
  • To clean the inner surface of the slippers, you can use wet wipes. It is recommended to take baby wet wipes, as they contain less liquid and a cleaning agent, which will provide you with delicate shoe care. Napkins can also be replaced with a regular towel and soap or baby shampoo.
  • At the end of cleaning, the inner surface of the slippers should be wiped with a regular wet towel to remove excess cleaning agents.
  • Slippers made of natural suede should never be dried with special devices (for example, a hairdryer) because they can deform. To speed up the drying process, you can use crumpled paper.
Lifehack: suede slippers can be treated with a special water-repellent, which will facilitate the care of shoes.


Home shoes made of leather, as well as suede, do not tolerate water, in this case, machine washing is also not suitable. Instead of a hard brush, you need to take a soft napkin or rag, and as a cleaning agent – an enzyme-free liquid soap or a special leather care product.
  • All elements of slippers made of leather need to be treated with a special tool. After the slipper, you need to leave it for about five minutes so that the product is absorbed.
  • With the soft cotton towel, the slippers should be polished to a shine.
  • To keep the skin soft, the surface of the slippers needs to be treated with a special conditioner that will not allow the skin to dry out.
  • If the inner surface of the slippers is made of fabric, then use the above-described method of cleaning with wet wipes.
  • Just like suede slippers, leather shoes cannot be dried by heating. They need to be allowed to dry on their own.

If you want to remove an unpleasant smell, then you can use special shoe fresheners. Lifehack: shoe freshener can be replaced with baking soda. It should be a little poured into the slippers, left for seven to ten minutes, and then removed with a vacuum cleaner.