An immature child's body is susceptible to colds, which often begin with hypothermia of the legs. Parents who care about the health of the child should buy home shoes made of natural materials for him. Children's fur slippers not only allow you to keep your feet warm, but will also be completely safe and comfortable for a growing body.

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Features of home fur shoes for a child

Fur slippers for children are made taking into account the anatomical features of the growing foot — such products are presented on the Elfurs marketplace. Home shoes for a child are made of the softest genuine leather. It has a lining made of felted merino wool and a sheepskin insole. These materials retain heat well, absorb excess moisture, and allow the skin of the feet to breathe. And the anti-slip elastic sole ensures safe movement of the child both at home and on the street.


The online store "Elfurs" presents kids' fur slippers of two varieties:

  • closed toe slippers — slippers in which the sock is closed, but the heel is open;
  • slipper boots are fully closed shoes that envelop not only the foot, but also the shin of the child.

There are both laconic models and more elegant ones — with sheepskin or rabbit fur trim. A different color design allows you to choose home shoes for both boys and girls.

Advantages of natural fur slippers

Kids' fur slippers provide the child with:

  • protection from the cold;
  • comfortable microclimate inside (without the "greenhouse" effect);
  • ease of movement.

At the same time, fur children's slippers are resistant to fading, abrasion, and are easy to clean.

Advantages of ordering children's slippers on Elfurs

The online store "Elfurs" presents home shoes made of natural materials of Greek production. This country is famous for its furrier craft, so parents can be sure that the slippers for the child will be made at the highest level. All products are presented directly from the manufactories, so the cost of natural children's shoes for the home will please you.