Manufacturers who work with use only high-quality raw materials in the manufacture of fur and leather shoes and accessories. Raw materials are purchased at leading fur auctions, where each fur is carefully selected and sorted. There are only a few large fur auctions in the world:

Danish fur auction “Kopenhagen Fur” (Denmark, Copenhagen).
The main product is mink. The furs are carefully sorted into quality categories (Kopenhagen Purple, Kopenhagen Platinum, Kopenhagen Burgundy, Kopenhagen Ivory). At this fur auction, furs of the famous SWAKARA brand (Namibian Karakul), as well as chinchilla, seal, fox furs are sold.

Finnish fur auction “Saga Furs” (Finland, Vantaa).
The main products are fox and arctic fox. Mink is also for sale. All furs are carefully selected and sorted into quality categories (SAGA Royal, SAGA Superior, SAGA Select).

North American Fur Auctions NAFA (Canada, Toronto).
This auction sells American and European mink. The auction marks the furs of only the highest quality. The furs of the world-famous BlackNAFA brand (short-haired black mink fur with a dense underfur) are highly valued. Since 2018, the famous BLACKGLAMA brand (American short-haired black mink fur) has been sold at this fur auction. Also at this fur auction, a large number of wild animal furs are sold. These are furs of beaver, raccoon, coyote, red fox, muskrat, fisher, marten, Canadian and American sable, lynx.

Russian fur auction “Sojuzpushnina” (Russia, Saint-Petersburg).
The only fur auction in Russia and the largest sable auction in the world.

Greek furriers are one of the largest buyers of auction fur.

Far from the last role in the manufacture of really beautiful, comfortable, warm, and fashionable fur and leather shoes and accessories play patterns. Entire laboratories are engaged in their development because furs are not easy to work with since they initially have certain sizes. Patterns are developed by Italian and Greek fashion designers.

Garment accessories! It is very important. Lining fabrics, hooks, buttons, zippers, leather trimmings — everything should only be of the highest level and quality to match the value, beauty, durability, and environmental friendliness of the fur product. 

In the manufacture of fur and leather slippers and accessories are used luxurious high-quality woolen fabrics, cashmere, silk.

Modern fashion involves a variety of dressing and coloring of fur. Technological processes and environmental safety in this matter are major aspects.

And all this in order for you to become the owners of truly unique masterpieces of furrier art of Greek masters.